Rhode Island Attorney General Proposes Bills to Strengthen State DUI Laws

Rhode Island Attorney General Proposes Bills to Strengthen State DUI Laws


Currently in the state of Rhode Island, driving under the influence (DUI) is a misdemeanor offense. Peter Kilmartin, Rhode Island Attorney General, has again proposed a series of bills that will strengthen the state’s DUI laws. This will be his eighth attempt at modifying the current set of DUI laws in Rhode Island.


Proposed Changes to Current DUI Laws

1. The first of the three bills would double the maximum penalties for DUIs where someone is seriously injured or killed.

2. The second proposal would create a new criminal offense, driving under the influence resulting in injury.

3. The last bill applies to suspects charged with their third or subsequent DUI. If approved, it would increase the time a judge can look back at that person’s record from five years to 10 to see if he or she had a previous DUI conviction.

Source: http://wpri.com/2017/01/05/ag-pledges-7th-attempt-to-get-dui-bills-through-ri-house/


How Can I Avoid a DUI?

While avoiding a DUI can be as simple as designating a driver, walking or utilizing public transportation, circumstances can and often do become more complicated. People who are wrongly charged with a DUI can face serious consequences. Regardless of the situation, any person charged with a DUI has a constitutional right to legal representation. If you or a loved one is faced with a DUI do NOT wait to contact an attorney. Time is often of the essence and contacting an experienced DUI lawyer before making statements to police is imperative.


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